Elkjøp Nordic AS er et av Nordens største handelsforetak innen forbrukerelektronikk med 400 varehus over hele Norden. I Sverige heter de Elgiganten, i Finland Gigantti og i Danmark Elgiganten. I tillegg har de Elko på Island, Elding på Færøyene og Pissifik på Grønland.

Speak Danish, Swedish or Finnish and have experience with content, SEO, eCom, CMS-systems, text or translations?

Elkjøp Nordic AS are now seeking several temporary employees to work on a bigger IT project where they are switching from their current eCommerce system and CMS to new systems. We are seeking people to help with various tasks in the migration process, both more technical one-time jobs and people who are experienced in search optimized writing.

Start date is likely to be sometime in june/july/august. This will be agreed upon, depending on your availability and when Elkjøp Nordic needs people with your language skills in the project timeline. It’s therefore important that you tell us about your availability for the next 3-4 months in your application, including holiday plans during the summer.


Application deadline


Start date

As soon as possible


Fixed contract, 3-months

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